Important information

here you can find some basic information about the trip. The following information is more sort of a warning against problems we have experienced during past years. Remember you can fall into the water anytime. Consider this fact when deciding what to bring with you.

What to wear



Swim suit
It is good to wear swim suit under your clothes. In case you fall into the water, you can take off your wet clothes. If you decide to wear wet clothes, you may get cold or ill, when it is not sunny.

Sun lotion
Use sun lotion!



A bus is arranged, departing from the central railway station Ceske Budejovice on Friday at 18:30

Times of train paths from:

Wienna 17:52 (14:29)  REx 2108 + Os 2164

Brno 17:50 (13:20)  R 662

Prague 18:02 (15:33)  R 647

Departure:  On Sunday from railway station Ceske Budejovice

Times of train paths to:

Wienna: 18:09 (21:49)  Os 2167  +  Os 2119

Brno:  16:04 (20:35)   

Prague: 17:57 (20:30) 

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